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From construction to maintenance and repairs, proper aerial work platforms are often indispensable. These platforms and lifts allow construction workers and personnel to reach challenging areas at height. If you are always dealing with work above the ground tasks, it would be best to invest in a reliable articulating boom lift rental Malaysia contractors and builders trust.

Forklift Galore makes sure you have access to articulating boom lifts in Malaysia. We make sure our rental services and rates are affordable and flexible for a variety of applications and uses.

We also offer forklift rentals in Malaysia.

With many companies and property owners looking for “scissors lift rental near me, we can be your trusted source in the peninsula.

The Distinct Uses of an Articulating Boom Lift

What makes an articulating boom lift in Malaysia different from that of a standard forklift or any other type of construction lift?

Specifically, an articulating boom lift or a knuckle lift is an aerial work platform designed to be more flexible in its application. It is a work platform that features a flexible, bendable arm with multiple hinges that allow for easy movement. It can move upward, downward, and side to side. Although some of these lifts reach only as far as 30 feet, other models can extend up to 100 feet or more.

Due to the flexibility of its arm, an articulating boom lift is great for reaching corners, niches, and other challenging areas at height. This type of lift can be used for interior or exterior applications. Examples include electrical work, high-rise piping maintenance and repairs, and upper shelves or ceiling.

Forklift rental malaysia

Finding an Articulating Boom Lift Rental in Malaysia

But is there really a need for you to purchase an articulating boom lift in Malaysia? If you’re looking for a long-term investment that you plan to use for a long time, buying one is always worth it.

But a rental can be just as beneficial. Dependable forklift suppliers in KL can offer a wide selection of boom lifts and forklifts for your construction or maintenance requirements.

With a rental, you can be more flexible with your operational expenses. And should you need more than one aerial platform type throughout a one-year or five-year period, you can always rent without being weighed down by high machine acquisition costs.

To Find Articulating Boom Lift Rental or for Sale, Talk to Forklift Galore

Articulating boom lifts are extremely helpful in navigating difficult-to-reach upper areas. Forklift Galore ensures that the right boom lift is available when and where you need it in Malaysia at a boom lift rental price that you can afford.

And if you need forklifts in addition to boom lifts, such as a forklift rental in Ampang, we are your partner. We also provide forklift rental services in areas of Seremban, Penang, KL, Selangor, and other major locations in Malaysia.

Call us at Forklift Galore now to get a free quote on your next articulating boom lift rental.


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